The Haralambopoulos Family has left the building.

After 3 and 1/2 fantastic years at 65 Degrees, we would like to announce our departure from the cafe.

We would like to thank all of our customers, staff, industry peers, suppliers and friends for your ongoing support of our business and your continuing friendship.
The new owners of 65, Pisey and Thyda, will continue to use Gridlock Coffee and all that we supply. All staff will remain in their current roles.

Please make these lovely sisters feel welcome. We will be dropping in on a regular basis to deliver coffee, drink coffee, probably make coffee and definitely talk about coffee – so you’ll hardly have a chance to miss us!
As for us – well, the 5:00am alarm is getting turned off for a while – but we will still be working hard roasting your favourite beans and delivering our coffee to your favourite cafes.

Keep up to date with our news and plans for the future via our Twitter feed, Facebook page and right here on the blog.

Thanks everyone!

Gabby, Jim, Con, Peter and our entire family. xoxo

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