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Mokha Haraaz AA + Yemen

Mokha Haraaz AA + Yemen

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Product Description
Mokha Haraaz AA + Yemen

WHAT TO EXPECT: plum + apricot +toffee

Have some history in your cup.

Coffee is produced in the Haraaz Mountains with ancient methods, resulting in natural, dry processed coffee. Steep, rocky terraces were carved in the rugged mountains centuries ago, so it could be farmed.

Haraaz coffee uses no synthetic fertilizers nor pesticides, and all crops are rain fed. With almost no access to commercially available farming supplies, the coffee is grown in a natural environment, free of pollution. The growing methods have not changed for centuries.

Suggested brewing guide :

  • Brew temp: 94 degrees
  • Dose: 21 to 21.5 geams
  • Time: 25 to 28 seconds
  • Yield: 40 to 50 grams