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La Bastilla Blueberry Candy

La Bastilla Blueberry Candy

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Product Description
La Bastilla Blueberry Candy

What to expect: Blueberry Candy + Cocoa + Dates + Brown Sugar

: 1200 - 1400 masl

Process: Natural

Region: Jinotega

Variety: Hybrid H3. Caturra

Farmer: Marcus Fischer

La Bastilla Farm was established 2003 when the company took over two abandoned estates in the Jinotega/Matagalpa region. Over the following 16 years, the farms were replanted new diverse range of varietals, and infrastructure was renewed including roads, living quarters and, mill and processing plant.

The company is certified Rainforest Alliance which provides structure to their environmental policies, as well as providing the groundwork to establish a unique education project at La Bastilla, which aims to give opportunities to young children and adolescents in the local area.

Naturally processed – Selective hand picking of very ripe sections of the farm are processed as Naturals. A long slow drying process occurs in two stages. The details of this process is a "trade secret" their our mill manager, Victor. La Bastilla Natural lots have deep and exotic black-fruit-like tastes. That is why its called "Blueberry Candy".