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Himalaya El Salvador Natural

Himalaya El Salvador Natural

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Product Description
Himalaya El Salvador Natural

What to expect: Raspberry + Peach + Cola

Altitude: 1500 - 2400 masl

Process: Natural

: Ahuachapan, Illamantapec

: Bourbon

: Sonia Castaneda

Sonia uses organic farming  practises as she believes that this keeps the flavour of the coffee pure and honours her families tradition of farming coffee.

Himalaya has been in Sonia's family for over 150 years and was a COE WINNER IN 2003.

The coffee is dried on the drying patio for 7-10 days.The lot is turned many times to assist in even drying before it is washed.

Himalaya natural coffee is a 'Super Star' and we would love for you to try it.