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Ghetto Blaster Blend

Ghetto Blaster Blend

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Product Description
Ghetto Blaster Blend

What to expect: Plums + Berries + Chocolate + Caramel

: 1500 masl

Process: Natural

Region:  Matagalpa, San Jose

Variety:  Red Catui, Caturra, Catui

Farmer:  Victor Manuel, Roberto Rodriguez

50% Don Claudio Costa Rica Natural
50% Nicaragua Rancho Alegre Red Catuai Natural

We have paired two super delicious coffees this season.
Don Claudio Is dried on raised African beds and turned every 3 hours for even drying.
Located in the highlands Liano Bonito of Naranjo in Costa Rica. The whole family is involved in the process of producing coffee. A very sweet and full bodied coffee with fruity and dark chocolate notes. We slightly extend the roast to bring out a smooth rounded body in the cup. The Rancho Alegre is also dried on raised African beds to for even drying .Victor Robelo owns the farm in Nicaragua that spreads s 21 hectares in which Caturra tress are planted. Victor specialises in producing excellent quality washed, honey and naturally processed lots.