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Based in Melbourne, a city renowned for its café culture and love of coffee, the Gridlock Coffee team have a REPUTATION for running successful cafes, winning global awards and inspiring a loyal clientele with their delicious and original coffee blends.

At Gridlock Coffee roasters, EXCELLENCE at every stage of the process is vital.

It begins with METICULOUSLY choosing the best quality coffee beans worldwide and then carefully roasting them to achieve maximum flavour. Then, Gridlock Coffee Roasters take coffee to the next level by exploring different flavours, including fruit flavoured coffee and techniques to produce interesting, memorable blends for your enjoyment.

Processing Coffee Beans - Gridlock Coffee Roasters
Coffee Shop - Gridlock Coffee Roasters
Processing Coffee Beans - Gridlock Coffee Roasters


Head Roaster, Con Haralambopoulos, is a highly acclaimed champion barista with a long list of competition titles to his name, including World Latte Art Champion, with much of his success accredited to using his very own hand crafted blends.

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Collecting coffee from coffee machines - Gridlock Coffee Roasters