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What to expect::
sweetness, caramel , velvety body with citric & fruity notes

Region : Mines Gerais
Altitude : 1100 - 1400 masl
Harvest: May - July 2019
Varietal : Yellow & Red catuai
Soil : Volcanic

Minas Hill was first introduced to APAS in 2013 during the International Coffee Expo in Belo Horizonte and we knew right away that we wanted to align with APAS and contribute to their future plans. Marcelo had the honour of cupping coffees from five producers and quickly made the first purchase for Minas Hill in 2013, which was their first international export and a big milestone!

Through the export relationship with Minas Hill, APAS began to experience an exceptional amount of growth, significantly changing the lives of the farmers. The relationship has continued to grow over the past five years. Now in 2018, Minas Hill and APAS have created a new and exciting objective. We asked four producers from the region of Sitio to get to together and create our very own Minas Hill APAS Premium Reserve coffee!

This coffee has been a big success. It is comprised of a combination of 34.5% Sitio Fortaleza (Alessandro Hervaz), 11% of Sitio Bela Vista (Jarbas Cleto), 37% of Sitio Sao Jose (Jose Marciano) and 17.5% of Sitio Nossa Senhora (Nivaldo Donizette). It is a combination of the Yellow and Red Catuai varietal and each bean is carefully picked using selective harvesting to ensure that the fruit is perfectly ripe. The coffee undergoes the natural process of being dried in raised beds, resulting in an extremely clean and sweet cup of coffee! It is well-balanced, with notes of mulberry, lemon meringue and soft caramel! With the success of this coffee now, we are excited to announce to our Australian roasteries that yet another extraordinary coffee is in the process of being developed through APAS! So, stay tuned!

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.” In this case, the vision has become a reality with our Minas Hill APAS Premium Reserve coffee! And we believe that with teamwork we will see the farmers of APAS continue to thrive, as they use the very best practices from bean to cup!

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