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El Jardin Guatemala

El Jardin Guatemala

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Product Description
El Jardin Guatemala

Country : Guatemala

Region : San Marcos

Process : Washed

Variety : Bourbon + Caturra

What to Expect : Pineapple + Dark Chocolate + Honey + Cola

El Jordan is a group of neighbouring farms in the San Marcos region of Guatemala, North of Xela, Is the closest city the San Marcos region is on the border of Mexico and is an incredible volcanic area with volcanos particularly surrounding the farms.

The views are spectacular and the soil has perfect nutrients for the coffee plants.

Because of the high elevation San Marcos tends to be cooler because of the high elevation San Marcus tends to be cooler during the day, so the plants have a stable and pleasant growing environment the elevation also means it is usually quite misty in this region and this moisture creates many available water Springs for processing.

It is truly an amazing part of Guatemala and an area that does not see a lot of foreigners. We were the first foreigners to set foot on the farm. The coffee is certified organic and the farmers use homemade fertiliser to nurture the plants.