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Tasting notes : white peach, raspberry & vanilla

Region : Ahuachapan, Apaneca-Illamatapec
Varietal : Bourbon
Altitude : 1500-2400 masl
Process : Fully washed

The coffee trees are all Bourbon and are naturally shade grown.Sonia only uses organic farming practises as she believes that this keeps the flavour of the coffee pure and honours her familie's tradition of farming coffee. Himalaya has been in Sonias family for over 150 years and was a Cup of Excellence in 2003.

The picked cherries are driven 30 minutes away to Beneficio Los Cerritos, Sonias family processing mill. The cherries are washed and pulped and then fermented in fresh water for 20 hours. The coffee is then washed again and laid out on the drying pattios, where it is sundried

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